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    These are the tickets from the first Sonics game my dad took me to back in 1990.  For a ten-year-old kid who spent hours in the driveway each day pretending he was an All-Star forward for the hometown team, going to a real game was a dream come true.  

    When we walked in to the Coliseum, an attendant handed me a media guide with coach K.C. Jones on the cover.  Inside were biographies about each player.  I immediately looked up my favorite player; the X-Man, Xavier McDaniel.  That guy played with so much passion an energy.  Other teams fans probably hated him, but if he was on your side, you couldn't help but love the guy.  

    I remember sitting on the metal bench seats packed in tight with all the other fans.  Bonds were built instantly with strangers as we high fived when Dale Ellis 3 pointers and shouted "Bull Sh*t....Bull Sh*t...Bull Sh*t" in unison when the refs made a bad call.  That cracked me up because I wasn't really allowed to swear, but my dad was joining in, so I did too. 

    To be honest, I can't recall whether or not we won the game, but the whole experience was something I never wanted to forget.  I guess holding on to these tickets was one way for me to help make sure I didn't.  

    Unfortunately we lost the Sonics back in 2008 and haven't been able to get a team back in town since.  Im hoping one day we do so my dad and I can share another first Sonics game experience with my boys too.