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    Now that school is out for the summer the boys are excited about playing all day, staying up late, going on camping trips, and all the other fun memories that come with the season.  While we definitely plan on indulging in all those "fun" things, we want to make sure we dedicate some time to learning as well. Our hope is that we can instill the mindset that learning and self improvement can be just as fun as everything else they get to do in the summer.

    We got some great help from Aiden's teacher, who provided a packet of Math Games and worksheets, as well as some fun activity books that help them work on their writing skills.  What the boys are most excited about though is the Summer Reading Club put on by the Tacoma Public Library.  

    As members of the Summer Reading Club, the boys log each book they read (or we read to them) in their online profile.  At the end of the week they are eligible to win prizes like tickets to baseball games, the Washington State Fair, Northwest Trek, and other fun local activities.  For each 10 books they read their name is entered into a drawing to win a new tablet.  There is also a party at the zoo, near the end of Summer, for everyone who participated.  

    The other day, we went and checked out several new books and then headed over to one of our favorite local parks to read and play together.  We got some good reading in, and we had a great time together as a family as well.  We're all definitely looking forward to more fun reading outings like this in the weeks to come.