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    My wife is incredibly creative and talented when it comes to decorating for birthday parties. As a result, our boys have had some pretty amazing themed parties through the years. Recently, we've tried to temper the birthday celebrations, a bit, as we realized it was becoming a topic the boys talked about incessantly; even when their birthdays were months away. While we want to celebrate and commemorate that special day, we want to help foster grattitude as well; and we don't want "the next party" or "the next thing they want" to be all they talk about day in and day out.

    That being said, we still desire to create fun, memorable moments with them, so we agreed that on cetain "milestone" years, the boys would be able to have a party and choose a theme for it. This past week our little man Kai turned 5 (which we deemed one of these milestone years), and chose to have a Jurassic World party. I was pretty impressed with the ideas Danielle came up with to turn our spot into a prehistoric party pad, so I thought I'd share them on here in case any of you get Jurassic World party requests from your little ones in the near future.

    These trunks, cases, and fabrics were things we already had around the house because Danielle loves decorating, but most of them were purchased from thrift shops. When you have a theme in mind, you'd be surprised what you can find for cheap with a little digging. 

    I'm not a major sweets guy, but these cupcakes were ridiculous! (Link to recipe here) The little dinos came in packs at the Dollar Store and the Jurrasic World rings were from Ebay. The kids loved that they had little toys to take home with them after they were done eating.

    We put all our dinosaur toys out for everyone to play with in one room. The boys have been dino fans for a while so we've accumulated quite the collection through the years, but again, they can be found for great deals at thrift shops or garage sales.

    These orange Jello cubes were meant to look like amber with raisins inside as the dinosaur DNA

    We hung a few of our favorite photos of Kai through the years...can't seem to get over how quickly they grow.

    The menu was simple; finger foods like french fries, dino nuggets, chips, and the amber Jello. Not the most healthy options, I know, but you have to break the rules a little bit at parties, right? And there were some fruits and veggies too.

    The party ended up being "the present" from us - though we did help Aiden get a small gift for his brother - but family and friends were kind enough to bring gifts too, and he was clearly excited about these Jurassic World hero mashers.  

    In the end, we were all grateful for the fun memories we got to make that day, and the time spent together with friends and family.